To all our members- September 2008

Members might be interested to know about some of the meetings held recently when I called on the following:

Thursday July 31 – Dr. Zahi Hawas at the SCA Dr. Zahi accepted to attend the Association’s Iftar when we intend to present him with an Honorary Membership. He encouraged us to pursue our educational program: 1- The American Research Center in Egypt is going to start a curatorial course for the employees of the Manial Museum, something which we have helped to happen. Dr. Zahi was delighted with the suggestion that we might sponsor their best student to attend a course in the USA. 2- Dr. Nadja Tomoum will start an initiation course as soon as Dr. Zahi appoints new employees at Manial. 3- He encouraged us to start straight away with a school program. At his instigation I then discussed the subject with Dr. Inji Fayed, who should come back to us with a proposal.

Sunday August 31 – H.E. Farouk Hosny, at the Ministry of Culture The Minister accepted to attend the Association’s Concert on November 9, but declined the Iftar as he should be in Venice on that day at the opening of one of his exhibitions. He accepted in principal that our Association should have premises at Manial Palace and promised to reply without delay to our specific request that we should take over the two rooms by the main entrance.

Tuesday September 2 – H.E. Dr. Mahmoud H. Zakzouk at the Ministry of Awkaf The Minister will probably attend our Concert and turns out to be very fond of classical music, but might have difficulty in attending our Iftar as he is extremely busy during the month of Ramadan.

He declared his great concern that the Mounira Hamdy building in the Qubbet Effendina complex was in urgent need of repair and that he found no wakf which could spend on its repair. He advised to try and get Dr. Zahi Hawas involved and that we should encourage him to visit the site. He promised to approach the Minister of Culture on the subject and recommended a visit to the Cairo Governor.

He promised to look into the construction of a mosque instead of the one which has come up without permission, but thought that the proposal submitted was on the high side.

Best regards.

Abbas Hilmi